Maiko's Happy Days

Saturday, September 02, 2006


maiko & my friend☆

It has already gone about two weeks from I came back to Japan.
I always remember that I was in America. I often see my picture!!

After all, that two weeks was so precious time. I think so again.

Our summer vacation lasts until the end of September.
So, summer does not yet END☆★

These pictures are when I went to the night cruise at gulf of Tokyo. I was wearing YUKATA.
I love it!! It made me feel summer♪♪

Do you like this??

And yesterday, I went to pool and bowling with my best friends. That was very fun. Yesterday was rain but we didn't mind!! I want to go again.

Today was free day♪ But,Tomorrow is part-time job day...

Let't enjoy rest of the vacation!!!!