Maiko's Happy Days

Saturday, September 02, 2006


maiko & my friend☆

It has already gone about two weeks from I came back to Japan.
I always remember that I was in America. I often see my picture!!

After all, that two weeks was so precious time. I think so again.

Our summer vacation lasts until the end of September.
So, summer does not yet END☆★

These pictures are when I went to the night cruise at gulf of Tokyo. I was wearing YUKATA.
I love it!! It made me feel summer♪♪

Do you like this??

And yesterday, I went to pool and bowling with my best friends. That was very fun. Yesterday was rain but we didn't mind!! I want to go again.

Today was free day♪ But,Tomorrow is part-time job day...

Let't enjoy rest of the vacation!!!!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Last day

Yesterday was a county agricultural fair day. We took train and bus for long time. The place was so far but so interesting. There is not such fair in Japan. We have some festival in Japanese “OMATSURI”, but that is not joining agriculture and amusement grounds.

We had a very good time there. That place was the last one we visited to in America…

Today is the last day of staying Maryland. These two weeks were so interesting and precious time for me.

This is the first time to come to America, so I was very nervous before I come here. But I could see Nina, Kevin, Laura, Tim, Ji Won and many friends. They are all so kind and gave me a lot of ideas for many things. I am happy to see you.

I have a dream. My dream needs some English skills. So I want to improve my English skill. I realized again my speaking English is not good enough. Therefore, I returned to Japan, I do try to study English more.

When I come to America again, I want to come here!!
I will continue this blog in Japan. I will try to write English blog.

Thanks a lot.

I love Maryland. I love America and I love…

Monday, August 14, 2006

Walking and shopping

On Friday afternoon, we went to the Prange collection in UM. The place is that many materials which were inspected in postwar. Many precious papers are there. In Japan, 15, august is the anniversary of the end of a war. So I think about it during I listened to the explanation of the Prange collection.
After, we went to the Georgetown. We did a shopping!!
I love shopping very much, so I was looking forward the time. But there are so many shops on the street. So I couldn’t see everything. But I spend exciting time there.

On Saturday, we did a walking tour of Annapolis and Severn River cruise. I like the sea, so I was very excited when I saw the sea!! The weather was very good, so the sea is so shinning. The town of Annapolis is nice port town. I like that atmosphere.

Yesterday, we went to the Mt. Vernon. The place has a lot of greenery. View from the mansion was so wonderful. I forgot time. We lay down on the grounds and napped a little. I didn’t want to leave the place. I liked it very much.

I spend full time on last weekends. Shopping and waling and visiting… I am not tired, so I want to be here more two weeks and visit more places!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

University of Maryland

We learned about the University of Maryland yesterday. We did a panel discussion. Six visitors talked us about American university and American university student life-dormitory, how they decide the course, sports activities and so on. I heard that American university is easy to enter college but it is difficult to graduate school very much. However I listened to their talk, I thought that is not true. During the university, American students do more study than Japanese do. We should follow them.

After that, we went to the college tour. Almost all the university I saw.
This college is so huge!!!! I can’t believe it in Japan. I like the football stadium the most. I want to watch the game in that place someday.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Yesterday, I studied about a phonetics of “L” and “R” and a nation of immigrants. The pronunciations and the listening of L and R are so difficult for Japanese. But once I came to be able to use them properly, my English would be better, I think.
I study international communication on my university so I am interested in American immigrants. This country has many people from various countries. Our mentors are too. How they become one nation and how they communicate each other regardless of the difference countries and difference cultures are one of my interested thing. But Now, I don’t have any knowledge of American immigrants. Therefore, I want to come back here to study about this problem in the future.

After lunch, we went to the field trip to Chinatown and Adams Morgan. I was surprised that the Chinatown is small area! I thought the town was bigger. In Adams Morgan, I saw many Spanish. I am studying Spanish now, so I feel so excited. I got a newspaper in Spanish. I try to read it.

It has difference of the atmosphere from Washington D.C. I took picture many scenery of a row of houses and streets. The scenery looked like a post card. I like it!!

This night, I slept soundly…

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


On Tuesday, we learned about “Family”.
At the class, Kevin taught us the difference between Japan and America of the preschool, the family problems. The most different point is that Japan has some group concepts and America has some individual one. This concept makes some differences of many problems of family. For example, divorce rate, by contraries how many times people get marry, the future of kids and so on. I like Americans’ concept. However, maybe I think many things like Japanese.

After lunch, we do the panel discussion. We asked mentors about families. The time was so fun because I wanted to learn those things in this trip. I wanted to ask them why the American families are so friendly. Japanese don’t express their feeling of love each other. I want to have a family like an American!!
Then we went to the shopping mall at the pentagon city. I like shopping very much. So I wanted to be there more. I bought some English books for me and for my friends.
Everyday is too, but yesterday is the most massive day!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Excited place

Yesterday, I woke up early because of the heavy rain. That was a sudden shower. I was very surprised the sound.
But soon, sun rose and the weather became so good!!

In the afternoon, we went to the Washington D.C. to go to the National Geographic Explorer’s hall and Washington post.
The Washington post was the place which I wanted to go!! So, I was so excited. We visited in the office and could see the work of the worker.
There was something tension. I like the atmosphere. The workers looked so cool. I spent very precious time there.
Today I will buy the Washington post newspaper.